Stop vomiting jealousy


Jealousy is a dangerous thing, it makes you do and say dumb things. I put it right up there with being plastered, because we all know people can do some dumb things while intoxicated. (Oh boy, do I know but I’ will spare you those many… many details) The only difference is when you vomit jealousy you have no excuse afterwords, you’re completely coherent the entire time.

So next time you find yourself in a childish fit of jealousy, put your phone down and walk away from all devices conveniently connected to your social media accounts. (Your friends, family and the people you’re jealous of will thank you.)

Facebook especially is not a place to air your jealousy laundry, nor, is Facebook messenger a place to email your crazy jealous conspiracies. (Well, maybe people on Twitter care. I’m amazed daily at what people will retweet.) No one cares, nor, wants who you think wants or ‘loves’ your lasagna lips.

This has been a public service announcement.


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