Some of my favorite things Lake House


Some of my favorite things about being at the lake house…

1. Cooking my all time favorite meal … Grilled cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not being judged. (Which I did this weekend and it was yummy!)

2. Forgetting about responsibilities and doing nothing all day but soaking up the sun. (Though, this is rare now bc I have homework every weekend but this weekend I got it all done before I came, go me!)

3. Watching the sunset while listening to the crickets from my favorite gravity chair. (Even though they don’t compare to the sunsets at my other favorite lake house. I still love watching them.)

4. Sitting on the deck in the mornings, listening to the birds chirp, while sipping on coffee, patiently awaiting the sun to hit my deck.

5. Being able to sit or walk around looking like a hot mess and not being judged. (Bc trust me… I take ‘hot mess’ to the extreme around these parts…  from morning to night.)

6. Peaceful morning walks sporting my super cool M&M robe. (I think Sarge may be embarrassed to be seen with me in it but really… he isn’t a good judge of who or what is cool.)



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