Happy or Sad Flip a Coin, I think not


“Being single is like flipping a coin…will I be happy Today?”

This morning I read the above statement about being single and of course I was drawn to it. It still amazes me that living single in today’s society still can have such a negative appeal to it for some. Why do people who are living the single life feel the need to avoid it instead of embracing it? If we appreciated life and what we have, happiness will wrap around us and embrace us each day. No coin flipping needed, you’ll always be happy.

Living the single life can be a freeing experience if it is not thought of as a negative status. Putting aside the normal things single people say when asked why they believe being single is a great life, lets take a deeper approach.

  1. Awareness – People living the single life have a better awareness of others emotional state. They can tell when someone is sad, mad or just a little down even if the person isn’t showing it physically. This is because they don’t have a single person they have to constantly focus and be aware of.
  2. Time – Everyone is busy these days, no matter if you are single, taken or in a marriage. Though when you are living single you don’t have another entire friendship circle or family that consumes your extra time. They have the ability to choose to spend quality time with a person or group of people and focus on them, no worries of needing to split their extra time up so someone doesn’t feel neglected.
  3. Mental Needs – Living single allows a person to switch gears and take the time needed for themselves. To often when people are taken or married it is hard to find a free moment to care for their own mental needs. Quiet time to reflect on what is going on within them and unwind after a long day.

If a person cannot be comfortable living single than they cannot be comfortable living in a relationship. You have to be able to love yourself in a whole before you can truly love someone else.

So when you flip the coin today, no matter what side it lands on, make the choice to choose to allow happiness to wrap around you and consume you.





One thought on “Happy or Sad Flip a Coin, I think not

  1. You are SO right! I’ve been single now for over 8 years. I think it was just a year, maybe 2 ago, that I FINALLY FINALLY decided that I needed to live my life for ME! It was such a weight off my shoulders!!
    Great read!


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