Life Lessons from Liquid Courage


Are you now or have you ever avoided things that can cause you to experience rejection, mistakes, or disappointments? So what, throw those worries away and, just do it!

sake-985415_1920drink-428319_1280Just to be clear, that is the advice people give others but would never do themselves. Though, throw in a bottle of Sake and a few glasses of whiskey and those nerves go right out the window. Needless to say, with liquid courage you can take that advice and run pretty far with it. That liquid courage will more times than not end in an epic FAIL but even if that is true you should always try to find the bright side in the situation. After many of my epic fails I finally learned two of about 100 very important life lessons. I only retained these two life lessons because it seemed to be the two that life not so pleasantly beat into me over the years.

Life lesson #1

Never attempt to explain ones feelings while drunk! The alcohol loosens you up sufficiently enough to allow you to be able to initially express your feelings, but when sober and looking back you recognize that, while you did say how you felt, your explanation lacked a few very important details! The problem lies in that now you realize what you’ve done and you CANNOT bring the subject back up! Heck no! Your game plan from the point of realization is to work on avoiding it like the plague! At this point you should be praying and hoping the other person remembers NOTHING.

Life lesson #2

when you’ve been drinking and a person you are with is fishing around for anything that has to do with your feelings, look for the closest exit point and RUN! If you allow the conversation to continue it will not end well. You will find yourself the next day banging your head against a wall while wishing tiny fairies would come and whisk you away to their secret world so you can live forever in stasis, never having to face the person or answer questions about what you said while drunk. I know what you may be thinking. You’ve been drinking and more than likely cannot leave. This is when you switch to plan B, pretend to pass out! The person fishing for information is only doing it because of the pleasure they get out of the chase. I’ve been that person many times. I can attest to the fact that most of the time the attraction disappears pretty quick after they get the confirmation they were looking for, the chase is over and the thrill is gone for them. If you choose not to run or pretend to quickly pass out than you are stuck with dealing with all these messy feelings. There are two ways to deal with this mess you have gotten yourself into.

  1. If you are someone like me who avoids relationships at all cost. Your best bet is to play the avoidance card, this works 90% of the time. For the other 10% of the time, well, you are pretty much stuck because other than changing your phone number and moving to another state, your screwed and have to deal with the situation. So lets just hope if you find yourself in this situation that the avoidance card works.
  2. If you are one of the 97% of people who wants someone to know your feelings, who wants a relationship, marriage, family… Then seek the person out, jump right in! Let everything out, tell them everything, all your feelings.


The take away from these two lessons is alcohol and talking can be a deadly combination if you’re not looking to express those deep down feelings. If you can’t express yourself while sober and desperately want to blurt out those feelings than liquid courage can be extremely helpful.


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