Girl’s Guide to Online Dating Profile Don’ts




If you have just stumbled upon the Girl’s Guide to Online Dating series, this is a series documenting an experiment in seeing if my married friends are right, that joining a few dating sites will match me with my prince charming. The series shows you the good, the bad and the ugly from my experience. To start at the beginning of the Girl’s Guide to Online Dating, click here.

Online Dating Profile Don’ts – Profile Pictures

Profile pictures are important as it is one of the first impressions made to the potential mate reviewing a profile. The dating apps allows the user to browse through profiles and swipe away people they don’t like while using the toilet. All they see is the profile picture so it’s obviously important. This should be something everyone knows but as I have seen browsing profiles, not everyone seems to know this. Lets take a look at some of the don’ts I have came across this week.

  1. Blurry selfies – Why? What would make a person believe that a blurry picture of themselves would be a good idea? Blurry selfie profile pictures is just a FAIL!
  2. Half naked to might as well be naked profile pictures – Please, leave nothing to the imagination and prove to people viewing your profile picture that you are probably full of yourself and or that body in the picture is all you have to offer.
  3. Sideways profile pictures – Okay, not everyone is technically savvy but downloading a sideways picture is a big no-no. Sideways pictures show you half-ass things and no one wants a mate who does things half-ass.
  4. Pictures with your ex with their face scratched out – Is this the only picture you had that you thought was decent enough to share? It didn’t come across your mind that you could just take a picture of yourself with the selfie feature on your smartphone or ask someone to take a picture of you?
  5. Nostril shots – No one wants to see up your nose! I think that makes my point clear.
  6. Pictures of things – Did you forget that you’re on a dating site, where people are looking for mates? News Flash! People are not on a dating site to date a car or a building. I know… who knew!
  7. Pictures of a group – I’m sorry, I love the game ‘guess who’ but I don’t want to play ‘guess who’ you are when checking out your dating profile.
  8. Uploading stock photos – Really, you are not fooling anyone, we know that isn’t you.
  9. Inside pictures –  If your room is not clean and you can clearly see your hot mess of a room in the background, just say no. Your profile picture clearly shows you don’t put any time in cleaning and your life is probably just as messy as that room you took that picture in.
  10. Mirror selfies – Where do I start? First, make sure your mirror selfie isn’t blurry. Second, make sure the background is decent and Three, never take a public restroom mirror selfie… EVER!


If you are now on an online dating site or if you are thinking of jumping into the online dating world, you should remember to take focused pictures of just yourself while dressed and the most important thing is the background in your picture, it MATTERS! First impressions are everything!


Do you have experience with online dating? Share your story, the good, the bad or even the ugly in the comments below. 


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10 thoughts on “Girl’s Guide to Online Dating Profile Don’ts

    1. POF! I tried that site for like 3 days. That was actually the worst site I have tried so far. All the sites have made me ask that same question, ‘why’ But the POF site made me feel as though all hope was lost. Lol.

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  1. This is hilarious, and spot on! I went on a few sites, and it was so depressing after 2 weeks, I gave up in despair! Better to enjoy my life alone, than wade thru those pools of ugly desperation!
    Thanks for the follow! Now to go back to the beginning….


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