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If you have just stumbled upon the Girl’s Guide to my Online Dating series, this is a series documenting an experiment to see if my married friends are right, that joining a few dating sites will match me with my prince charming. The series shows you the good, the bad and the ugly from my experience. To start at the beginning of the Girl’s Guide to Online Dating, click here.

Week Three – Three-Way

Another busy week on the online dating scene for me! As the weeks go by I become more amazed at what men are willing to put into a message. Let’s get right to it.

This week started off with some refreshingly ‘normal’ messages.



It was a change from emails asking me to share the NSFW kind of pictures and trying to win me over with invitations to Burger King.  It’s almost enough to overlook the use of the word ‘beautiful’. But of course these ‘normal’ types of emails are always short lived.


By Tuesday night the messages moved quickly from ‘normal’ to ‘lets get dirty’.


He got to the point quick and pointed out he would be patient, how sweet of him. He is even open to answering any questions or concerns I might have. When I read that sentence I immediately thought of purchasing things on eBay. When you buy used equipment on eBay you have to ask the obvious questions such as “Does it still work like new?” or “How many times has it been used?” I read an article on Friends with Benefits once and it did tell me that you need to have a partner that is experienced in the ‘friends with benefits’ department, and he obviously meets that requirement.  Maybe?


This looks innocent enough, right?


WRONG! When this man said ‘something different’, he wasn’t playing around. His profile explained how he was strictly into BDSM and would be happy to educate any fine ladies on the concept.  Quite the segue, check out my profile if you want something different… like whips and chains.


Bonus Message, the best message I got, the creme de la creme!



Yes, you are reading it correctly. This message came from a couple who is looking for a three-way.

I told you on Tuesday the messages moved quickly from ‘normal’ to ‘lets get dirty’. By the end of the week I had an inbox full of BDSM messages and even came across a profile created by a married man, who had a girlfriend and was looking for someone on the side. Or would that be on the side of the side?


All hope may be lost. Stay Tuned…



Do you have experience with online dating? Share your story, the good, the bad or even the ugly in the comments below. 


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4 thoughts on “Girl’s Guide to Three-Way

  1. I had a brief dalliance with online dating, four years ago.When I was on it, I quickly realized that women preferred subtlety and discretion on these sites. The people who posted explicit and blunt messages and profiles, were assumed to be psychos and have stds’s. I guess times have

    This was a hilarious post. I hope that was the intent.

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