Single to Married in 5.2 Seconds

Is it in the water?

Your single, life is good; everything is quiet and content among all of your single friends. Suddenly POOF! One after another they start abandoning the safety of the single circle and step to the dark side and enter the engaged circle. Your comfortable with your single status and with one after another of your single friends abandoning you, of course marry-me-1044416_1920it makes you think about what would cause them to leave the satisfying single life. The obvious answer is the drinking water is contaminated and is messing with their brains, causing them to believe the dark side is their best option. The only option you have to fight the dark side from taking over your brain is to avoid the water!

As your friends fall deeper into the dark side you will be subjected to all your conversations with them to consist of them trying to convince you that the dark side is where you should be. This will then evolve into them trying to attempt to hook you up with the first available mate they can find.  As time goes on you will find yourself questioning if they are right, marriage can’t be all that bad, maybe it really is better than the single life. You MUST fight these thoughts or you too will find yourself trapped in the dark side. You have to remind yourself what the single life provides you.

  1. Independence – You never have to tell someone where you are going or what you are doing.
  2. Compromising – You never have to choose between doing something you want to do because your mate wants to do something else. You can do what you want, when you want too.
  3. Feelings – You don’t have to worry about asking your mate what’s wrong when they look all mopey. The only feelings you have to be concerned about are your own.


The engaged will try all types of tactics to pull you in and convenience you that taking the plunge into the marriage abyss is your only choice. Your social network news feeds will be plastered with engagement photos of rings on their fingers. They will hope this tactic makes you think “when will it be your turn? and “why are you not engaged?”

To make sure you avoid the dark side, the marriage abyss you must remind yourself when your on your social network news feeds that the big shiny ring their mate bestowed on their hand doesn’t make everything in their life better; they are now on a road filled with anxiety, doubt, and breakdowns.

If you can stay strong and committed to the awesome single life you live, you will see the posts will lesson and the attempts to hook you up will stop as they will be so consumed with their wedding and new life. The dark side will have convinced them that your a loss cause and you can carry on with your good comfortable and satisfying single life.




1 Room Filled With Fear

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

Friends, family members and acquaintances fill my room. The longer we are locked up together I feel pressure in my chest, the room temperature seems to be rising by the second and  the air seems thin. To leave this locked room I would have to face my greatest fear, the people in this room. You may be thinking “Why would your friends, family and acquaintances be your greatest fear?” Well, the ones in this room have at some time, or multiple times let me down, either emotionally or physically. They have all crushed and beat my trust to a thick pulp.

Their decision to choose another side, knowing that the person was in the wrong, caring not about my feelings.

Their decision to choose not to pickup the phone up and make an effort to know what is going on in my life. Yet they expect me to be there waiting to hear what is going on in theirs. 

Their decision to always ask for something, knowing I will do it without anything in return. They abuse my sensitive, caring side.

Their decision to say they will help me, but have to be reminded. If it was important, if I was important, they should remember what they said they were going to help me with.

Their decision to never ask if they could be of help with things in my life.

Their decision to talk to others about me instead of asking me themselves. 

Their decision to not check on me when they are fully aware I am hurt or having a struggle.

Their decision to always be to busy.

Their decision to make me carry the relationship by always being the one who has to ask if they want to do something. Rarely being the one who is asked. 

Their decision to say they would keep it between the two of us but go off and tell others.

Their decision to always critic my parenting, yet never offer any help or wisdom, just the underlying tone that I am incompetent.  

Their decision to make everything that goes on in their lives something special and mine just a passing thought.

My greatest fear is having to confront these people. Having to face the fact, that their are no true relationships in this room. No matter how many times they have hurt me, I would never want to be forced hurt them.

Opening your eyes


It isn’t easy to look back and think everything could have been different. The hardest part of life is picturing your future and walking towards it. You have to remember you are blessed and start putting one foot in front of the other. Time waits for no woman or man. You need to grab what you can while you’re still able too.

You can’t wait for people around you to fail and or succeed to provide you with what you need. Your time on this earth is short so you must work hard, throw yourself into life and hope that just maybe you will see a reward. Stop pursuing and wasting the precious days you have with people you see no long term future in and people who don’t truly care about you.

Open your eyes, look around and take note of the people that care. The people who are standing in the wings, patiently waiting for that moment you need a shoulder or a smiling face. The people whose heart break when your hearts breaking and the people who smile when your smiling.

You may step back look around and say you see no one… look harder, when you want to see them they will shine like a star in the night sky.

Quote of the Day 10/23/2015


“When you get the swipe to the left on a dating site, it is the man telling them you are overqualified.”

– Casey King

7 Things people can do to avoid relationships

Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

Relationships can look wonderful from the outside, once you enter into the realm of the relationship world you realize that the people turn into the incarnation of Satan. That is why I put together this handy little list to help prevent you from allowing things to escalate past the safe zone.

1. Insult – Create a mental list of your insults; light, moderate and downright nasty. That way you are armed with an array of ammunition to spice up your encounters with your infatuation each time you see them.

2. No Touching – Never EVER, under nearly any circumstances, touch in any way shape or form! This is very important, so pay attention! It’s said that a person’s touch reveals a lot about their feelings, and if that is true then the neon sign popping out of your head when touching would scream “INFATUATION”, which would absolutely not be good long term.

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Anxiety Myths vs. Reality

Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

There are many symptoms that come with anxiety such as phobias and panic attacks. When living with anxiety disorders people will do just about anything to try to alleviate it.

They spend hours searching the internet, paying for what promises to be a quick fix. It can take a lot of trial and error to find treatments that are shown by clinical research to be effective.

Here are 5 myths about anxiety disorders


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Marrying yourself, Where did this idea come from?

Image From: Pixabay
Image From: Pixabay

Q. How does someone such as yourself come up with the idea of marrying yourself? Did you just wake up one day with this over the top decision?

When people ask me this question my answer is always the same, “I want to have the experience that other women have had. Pretty dress, fancy party, etc.” Is this a truthful answer to the question? I would say this is a half truth, there is more to it but I choose only this response because it is the easy, simple answer.

A few years ago I made a decision which would bring me critics and supporters equally to my door step. I announced, I was going to marry myself if I hadn’t found a life long companion by the time I turned 35.

How did this idea come to me? What would I benefit from marrying myself? My reasons for this were simple at the time but what you have come for is not a half truth but the complete honest, raw truth. So, my reasons for this decision are complicated, yet simple at the same time. I was being left, I felt all alone in the ‘safety bubble’ I had created around me.

My group of friends consisted of a majority who were in serious relationships, engaged to be married or had already taken the plunge into married life. Where was I in all this? I was the woman in the group with a handful of men who were not apart of any type of relationship.

The equation was easily explained to me when I was younger. You grow into a woman, you fall in love, than you walk down the aisle and exchange the sacred vows of marriage and if you were able to physically you would have children.  What people left out when they explained this to me is, it’s not this cut and dry, easily obtainable outcome, at least not in my situation.

In high school I jumped into a serious relationship (well as serious as a high school relationship can be). This is where I started to write the equation out, this was ‘love’. The relationship was filled with being disrespected which came in many forms including verbal and physical abuse. Why did I continue this relationship? I needed to finish the equation of course.

The next part of the equation was marriage. In my heart, did I truly want to marry this man? No I didn’t and did I truly believe this man would actually make a commitment to me and only me, no. By the time I made it to this point my self-esteem had been bruised. When I think of these times I will admit on occasion to myself that my self-esteem was less bruised and more like it had been mutilated. My experiences in the relationship had convinced my mind that I was not good enough for anything else. It had also convinced my mind that I wasn’t able to take care of myself.

Since I knew I couldn’t write the marriage part of the equation I would move on to the children part of the equation. For the people who look at my life I am sure they assume I had my son by accident but they would be wrong. I decided to have a child, it was a joint decision between the two of us. I got off my birth control and we started to try to have a child. It wasn’t too difficult as I got pregnant right away. Fast forward the story a tad, I was pregnant, quickly lost the child and in a blink of an eye was pregnant again. Why would I bring a child into such an unstable abusive relationship? In one word: Selfishness. I’m sure you assume it was because I thought by having a child I would change the relationship for the better in some way but this was not the reason at all. I was fully aware the relationship I had placed myself in would never get better, I was certain of this. I made the decision to have a child because I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life and I wanted someone to give my love I knew I had to give and I wanted to have someone who would truly love me, unconditionally for all my days.

So where did it leave me when I finished writing out my equation? A single mother with a 2 month old baby, an ended relationship, self-esteem issues, and a serious commitment phobia.

As I watched the people around me in their relationships I found the feelings of failure and loneliness increase. I quickly built my ‘safety bubble’ around me. I started my anti-relationship campaign. This campaign was created for two reasons: 1. I never wanted to have a relationship as the one I had previously and 2. My mind was convinced no one would ever love me or think I was pretty enough, smart enough or overall good enough to love. (my mind still believes these things). I decided to hide these insecurities and insure I would never experience the feeling of being left again, I would set an age, 35, and marry myself. Even though I have these feelings doesn’t mean I shouldn’t experience these things which others have experienced. I may not be good enough for someone else to love but I, even though these feelings run through my mind, still love myself.

Where am I today with my decision to marry myself at 35? How do I feel about where I am at this point in my life?

I’ve decided to throw the idea of marrying myself out the window, I realize I don’t need the experience. I’m still carrying on with my anti-relationship campaign. My goal continues to play it safe so I am never left and continuing to punch the feelings of lacking in the gut to avoid my mind being convinced I am missing out on something. Paying attention and work on making sure I can say daily, I like myself. And finally the most important be the best parent I can be.


Now as you finish reading this you may think I am a depressed person who hates myself. This is not the case. I am overall a positive person and driven person to prove everyone including myself that I can do anything.