Single to Married in 5.2 Seconds

Is it in the water?

Your single, life is good; everything is quiet and content among all of your single friends. Suddenly POOF! One after another they start abandoning the safety of the single circle and step to the dark side and enter the engaged circle. Your comfortable with your single status and with one after another of your single friends abandoning you, of course marry-me-1044416_1920it makes you think about what would cause them to leave the satisfying single life. The obvious answer is the drinking water is contaminated and is messing with their brains, causing them to believe the dark side is their best option. The only option you have to fight the dark side from taking over your brain is to avoid the water!

As your friends fall deeper into the dark side you will be subjected to all your conversations with them to consist of them trying to convince you that the dark side is where you should be. This will then evolve into them trying to attempt to hook you up with the first available mate they can find.  As time goes on you will find yourself questioning if they are right, marriage can’t be all that bad, maybe it really is better than the single life. You MUST fight these thoughts or you too will find yourself trapped in the dark side. You have to remind yourself what the single life provides you.

  1. Independence – You never have to tell someone where you are going or what you are doing.
  2. Compromising – You never have to choose between doing something you want to do because your mate wants to do something else. You can do what you want, when you want too.
  3. Feelings – You don’t have to worry about asking your mate what’s wrong when they look all mopey. The only feelings you have to be concerned about are your own.


The engaged will try all types of tactics to pull you in and convenience you that taking the plunge into the marriage abyss is your only choice. Your social network news feeds will be plastered with engagement photos of rings on their fingers. They will hope this tactic makes you think “when will it be your turn? and “why are you not engaged?”

To make sure you avoid the dark side, the marriage abyss you must remind yourself when your on your social network news feeds that the big shiny ring their mate bestowed on their hand doesn’t make everything in their life better; they are now on a road filled with anxiety, doubt, and breakdowns.

If you can stay strong and committed to the awesome single life you live, you will see the posts will lesson and the attempts to hook you up will stop as they will be so consumed with their wedding and new life. The dark side will have convinced them that your a loss cause and you can carry on with your good comfortable and satisfying single life.




The Wedding

Yesterday my sister and I were talking about our brother’s wedding that is happening next spring. I broke the news to her that it will actually be an ‘in town’ wedding instead of going to Vegas. She too was upset with this new development but never fear Casey has a plan. Queue… Operation Honeymoon.

Now keep in mind this plan is still in the ‘idea’ phase. My sister and I will attend our brother’s wedding, trying not to get to intoxicated. At the end of the night we will take her husband and my guest (to be determined) outside where our friends will be waiting for us to jump in the car and race to the airport to catch our plain to Vegas! Yes, we are going to Vegas! Since my brother will not be going on a honeymoon, all of us will sacrifice our responsibilities, time and energy and go on one for him.

Now at this point we have to decide if we are going to go all the way and pretend we are the wedding party or if you are just going as regular vacationers.

Plan A: The Wedding Party. Of course I will “suffer” and be the bride, being that I will most likely be the only single female on this trip. This can be a good route to take as you would assume that as a bride and bridal party we would get special treatment. It could be just an extra bag of pretzels on the plane or a free drink in Vegas but it would be something free.

Plan B:
The Vacationers. We would go and be regular vacationers enjoying a weekend in Vegas. This plan just doesn’t sound as exciting as plan ‘A’ does.

We will spend 2 days and 2 nights in the city that never sleeps, sipping alcohol slushies’ (Ooh… My Fav!), slipping coins into the slot machines, enjoying a good show and great company with friends. This just sounds so relaxing. Especially when you think about taking a few hours to lay by the pool soaking the sun up and giving our muscles a time to relax in the luxurious hot tubs.

The issue will be getting everyone to buckle down and agree to do this or it will just be my sister, her husband and me. I’ve already prepared my list of people to invite, once my sister and I sit down to confirm names, its ON! We will be calling and visiting people to convince them on what a great idea it is for them to save money so that they can join us on this trip in April 2015. When you break it down if the person saved $3.00 a day for a year then it would cover their flight, hotel, food and a little gambling money. Now if they want to stay at a fancy hotel, which no matter what I will be at MGM, then they would have to save more per day. When I estimated it with a fancier hotel room, gambling and a show the person would need to save $4.00 to $5.00 a day for a year.


I am thinking this is completely possible, now I just have to convince everyone on my list of it.


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